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Focus Projects 4 Lifetime Deal, | Focus Stacking Software

Enhance image sharpness effortlessly with Focus Projects 4 Lifetime Deal. Your go-to tool for crisp and clear images. Boost your photography game now!

Focus Projects 4 Pro is a high-end focus stacking software that utilizes a unique technology called focus stacking. This innovative feature merges all your individual photos of the same image together to optimize for sharpness. By automatically ignoring any images that contain errors or blurriness, the software creates the best possible overall image with perfect depth of field, from front to back. The technology only requires a few clicks, saving you time and effort, and allows for flawless control through specialized filters and selective image retouching.

Major Highlights:

  • HQ Stacking with 64-Bit Calculation
  • Focus Boost Technology
  • Up to 1000 Sharpness Levels
  • Unique Precise Alignment of All Images in the Stack
  • A Plug-In for Adobe Lightroom
  • Full-Featured Raw Development Module with All Editing Functions of a Professional Raw Converter
  • 62 Professional Presets for Rapid Results
  • Batch Processing for the Simultaneous Development of Dozens of Macro Photos

Use Cases:

  • Nature photography
  • Product photography
  • Still lifes
  • Landscapes

🎁 Grab this lifetime access to Focus Projects 4 for $39, and enjoy features such as HQ stacking, focus boost technology, precise alignment of images, Adobe Lightroom plugin, professional presets, and batch processing for macro photos.