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Frames Lifetime Deal,

Build beautiful custom websites in half the time with Frames. Real time wireframing, design-ready development system, and accessible component library.

Frames is a versatile tool that combines three essential functions into one convenient platform. Firstly, it serves as a real-time wireframing tool, allowing users to create full pages and templates directly within Bricks Builder and soon to be available in the Gutenberg Block Editor. This feature enables users to wireframe projects 6-8 times faster than traditional design tools like Figma. Secondly, Frames functions as a design-ready development system, streamlining 50%-80% of the development process without compromising creativity or scalability. Built with BEM-organized classes and ACSS, this system ensures efficient and effective development. Lastly, Frames offers an accessible component library, enhancing projects with advanced functionality such as carousels, accordions, toggles, sliders, and modals.

Major Highlights:

  • Real-time wireframing tool
  • Design-ready development system
  • Accessible component library
  • Increases website building speed
  • Enhances revenue and project margins

Use Cases:

  • Speed up website development process
  • Improve project revenue and margins
  • Streamline design and development workflow
  • Enhance project functionality and accessibility

🎁 Get the Frames lifetime deal for $399, including unlimited WordPress installations, access to the entire Frames library, dynamic components, support group access, and compatibility with all supported builders.