FRONTLEAD Lifetime Deal

FRONTLEAD allows you to create forms, surveys and funnels quickly and easily. Automated (personal) analyses can be created.

🎁 Get the FRONTLEAD lifetime deal for free with the following features:

  • 2 intelligent projects

  • 40 contacts/month

  • Unlimited number of questions and answers

  • Unlimited website embedding

  • Unlimited number of visitors

  • Automatic text generation for questions and answers with ChatGPT

  • Score function: the display of individual results on the thank you page

  • Personal reply function by email (only with FRONTLEAD): personalized email replies (100% automated)

  • Send options: 1) at specific times, 2) after a defined waiting time, 3) manually sending

  • Customizable to your design

  • Insertion of images, icons, and videos

  • Custom favicon

  • URL forwarding/thank you page

  • Multiple contact recipients

  • Contact & statistics export