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Gappeo Lifetime Deal,

Revolutionize your hiring process with Gappeo Lifetime Deal - the game-changing skills-assessment platform for building your dream team.

Gappeo is an online tool that provides access to over 500 quality skill tests and allows users to customize and create their own assessments. Users can mix multiple skills to create one test, conduct job role or skill-based assessments, add their own questions, and include qualifying and additional questions. With Gappeo, users can invite candidates with one click, generate assessment links, and receive one-click assessment reports for each candidate. The tool supports various assessment formats such as MCQs, Essay Questions, True/False, and Images, with future developments including File upload, Video Questions, Audio Questions, and Coding Questions. Additionally, Gappeo offers strong anti-cheat capabilities through Screen Locking and Recording.

Major Highlights:

  • Access to over 500 quality skill tests
  • Customize and create assessments
  • Job role or skill-based assessments
  • Create own assessments with custom questions
  • Add qualifying and additional questions
  • Invite users with one click
  • One-click assessment reports
  • Various assessment formats supported
  • Strong anti-cheat capabilities

Use Cases:

  • Recruitment assessments
  • Employee skill evaluations
  • Training program assessments
  • Educational testing
  • Certification exams

🎁 Available Offers:

  • Gappeo lifetime deal for $49: Includes 10 test credits per month, all Gappeo Test Access, Customize Gappeo Tests, Create Unlimited Custom Tests, Invite Unlimited Users, Access User Level Reports, Assign multiple admin, managers.
  • Gappeo lifetime deal for $98: Includes everything in the $49 deal plus 20 test credits per month.
  • Gappeo lifetime deal for $147: Includes everything in the $98 deal plus 30 test credits per month.