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Gist 💬 Customer Engagement Made Easy

Elevate customer engagement effortlessly with Gist, a comprehensive platform for sales, marketing, and business management all in one convenient application.

Gist is an all-in-one platform that combines email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and meeting scheduling tools to help businesses stay connected with their audience and streamline their sales processes. With Gist, users can easily create email newsletters, build campaigns, send personalized emails, and track customer engagement. The visual campaign builder allows for cohesive messaging across various channels, both inside and outside of the app. Additionally, the CRM feature provides a unified view of the sales pipeline, customizable workflows, and actionable revenue insights. The meeting scheduler helps users schedule meetings efficiently, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails.

Major Highlights:

  • Build email newsletters and create campaigns
  • Visual campaign builder for cohesive messaging
  • Unified view of sales pipeline with customizable workflows
  • Efficient meeting scheduling tool
  • Access to Professional and Premium Plans for Gist Support and Gist Marketing
  • Support Plan includes live chat, team inbox, and various integrations
  • Marketing Plan offers website and event tracking, email personalization, and automation features

Use Cases:

  • Engage with customers through personalized email campaigns
  • Streamline sales processes with CRM tools
  • Schedule meetings efficiently to maximize productivity
  • Track customer engagement and measure campaign success
  • Enhance marketing strategies with automation features

Available Offer:

  • Get the Gist Annual Plan with Professional and Premium options for Gist Support and Gist Marketing
  • Support Plan includes features such as live chat, team inbox, and integrations for $348 per year
  • Marketing Plan offers tools like website tracking, email personalization, and automation features for $228 per year