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GoBrunch Lifetime Deal, 🤩 The Ultimate Virtual Office & Community Platform

GoBrunch: The Ultimate Virtual Office & Community Platform. Engage and connect with virtual attendees like never before. Experience higher value webinars on a versatile and engaging interface. Join the GoBrunch Lifetime Deal now!

GoBrunch is an online tool that revitalizes your online meetings by providing a unique interface that mimics real environments. With GoBrunch, you can create engaging virtual workplaces with thematic meeting rooms. Here are the major highlights of GoBrunch:

  • Virtual Spaces: GoBrunch offers a unique interface that allows you to make virtual workplaces more engaging, providing a user experience that mimics real environments.

  • No Time Limit: In the free version, there is no time limit, allowing you to host short conferences or longer courses without any restrictions.

  • Multiple Rooms: GoBrunch allows you to create multiple meeting rooms, driving engagement to your team and providing a unique experience for each meeting.

  • Recording on the Cloud: With GoBrunch, you can easily record your webinars and store them on the cloud. You can also download your videos and generate shareable links.

  • More Control: GoBrunch offers comprehensive admin controls over cameras, microphones, and screens. You have full control over every attendee's mic and camera.

  • Customize: You can customize your workplace by adding self-decorations and creating an interrelation between the rooms, making your virtual space unique.

  • Frequency Report: GoBrunch provides a detailed spreadsheet report that shows how long each attendee was in your live sessions.

  • Sub-Accounts: You can bring your team on board and get a custom subdomain, allowing you to see the big picture and manage your team effectively.

  • Multiple Uses: GoBrunch offers countless possibilities. You can schedule virtual networking happy hours, celebration events, and much more with your teams.

  • No Installation: You and your participants do not need to install any application to run or attend webinars on GoBrunch.

Now let's look at the available offers for GoBrunch:

  • For $79, you can get the GoBrunch lifetime deal, which includes 200 participants per live webinar, 40 GB video storage, 8 organizers per session, and many more features.

  • For $169, you can get the lifetime license Tier-2, which includes everything in the previous deal, plus 400 participants per live webinar, 80 GB video storage, and additional features like 35 breakout rooms per event and attendance reports.

  • For $239, you can get the lifetime license Tier-3, which includes everything in the previous deals, plus 600 participants per live webinar, 120 GB video storage, and additional features like unlimited organizers per session and 50 breakout rooms per event.

These offers provide a range of features and pricing options to suit your needs. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your online meetings with GoBrunch.