Lifetime Deals

Guidejar Lifetime Deal,

Create engaging product demos and tutorials effortlessly with Guidejar's versatile SaaS platform. Simplify the process and captivate your audience.

With Guidejar, you can easily record, customize, and showcase your guides to enhance user onboarding experiences, simplify employee training, reduce support tickets, and drive up conversions. The browser extension allows you to track every click and take snapshots as you go through your workflow, without the need for screen recording. Set your company branding colors for a consistent and professional look, and easily manage steps within your guides with custom images or text.

Major Highlights:

  • Browser Extension for tracking clicks and taking snapshots
  • Branding customization for a professional look
  • Step Management for adding, removing, and sorting steps
  • Different Guide Views for engaging content
  • Autoplay feature for turning guides into videos
  • Call-to-Action for directing users to specific actions
  • Organize guides with an intuitive folder system
  • SEO-friendly tags for better visibility
  • Share guides across various platforms effortlessly

Use Cases:

  • Enhance user onboarding experiences
  • Simplify employee training
  • Reduce support tickets
  • Drive up conversions
  • Improve product demos
  • Increase engagement with target audience

🎁 Get the Guidejar lifetime deal for $49 with 10 members per team, unlimited guides, sharing via link, extensive customization, feedback collection, and analytics. Upgrade to the Guidejar Plan 2 lifetime deal for $98 with everything in the basic deal plus 20 members per team and a help center with custom domain + SSL.