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HyperHost VPS Lifetime Plan | Actively Serving Since 2009

Ultra-fast private virtual servers for websites and apps. Get lifetime access to HyperHost VPS with 5% extra discount using code LIFETIMO. Root access, no restrictions. Active since 2009.

Hyperhost is a Ukrainian hosting company that has been providing services since 2009. They offer lifetime plans for VPS and have received excellent ratings on various hosting review platforms.

Major Highlights:

  1. VPS-VZ and VPS-KVM are the two types of servers offered by Hyperhost.
  2. VPS-VZ uses OpenVZ virtualization while VPS-KVM uses KVM virtualization.
  3. Both VPS-VZ and VPS-KVM support the installation of Ubuntu, but there are differences in the installation process.
  4. Hyperhost provides full root access for their VPS/VDS servers and does not block any connection ports.
  5. They guarantee 99.97% uptime and offer compensation for downtime for certain services.
  6. VPS services are available in the Netherlands, Russia, and Ukraine, while VDS services are available in the Netherlands and Ukraine.
  7. Despite the ongoing situation in Ukraine, Hyperhost has taken measures to ensure the sustainability of their servers and operations.
  8. Lifetime plans are just a small portion of Hyperhost's core hosting services, and their long-term sustainability is not heavily reliant on these plans.
  9. Additional resources can be added or removed as needed, and Hyperhost offers a 30-day money back guarantee for new orders.
  10. Support can be contacted through different channels depending on the issue.

Use Cases:

  • Hosting websites and applications
  • Running specific software or programs
  • Setting up personalized server configurations

Available Offers: