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Imagify Annual Deal,

Get the best WordPress image optimizer with Imagify Annual Deal. Resize and compress images easily with the most advanced plugin.

Make your website faster with Imagify – the simplest image optimization tool to improve web performance and save time. It takes one click to resize, compress and convert your images to WebP.

Major Highlights:

  • Keep an excellent image quality: Imagify compresses images without sacrificing quality.
  • Speed up your website, no compromise: Lighter images improve loading time without compromising visual appeal.
  • Save time: Imagify optimizes images quickly and efficiently.
  • Improve SEO performance: Faster websites increase visibility on Google.
  • Enhance user experience: Fast loading pages encourage visitors to stay and browse.
  • Increase conversions: More engagement leads to more subscribers and sales.

Use Cases:

  • E-commerce websites looking to improve loading speed and increase sales.
  • Bloggers aiming to enhance user experience and boost SEO performance.
  • Digital marketers seeking to optimize images for better website performance.

🎁 Available Offer:

  • Imagify annual deal for $49.90 per year includes 500MB/month (Approx. 5,000 images/month), unlimited websites, $5 per additional GB, and unlimited upload size.
  • Upgrade to the Imagify annual deal for $99.90 per year for unlimited images, unlimited websites, and no extra cost.