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iMeetify Lifetime Deal, 📅 Appointment Scheduling Software & Booking App

iMeetify: The Ultimate Meeting-Scheduling Tool 📅 Streamline appointments effortlessly with this versatile, intuitive software. Get iMeetify Lifetime Deal now!

iMeetify is an online tool that comes with a variety of features and benefits. With iMeetify, you can easily schedule and manage appointments, whether they are online, in-person, or over the phone.

Here are the major highlights of iMeetify:

  • Provides custom domain (CNAME)
  • Allows email branding
  • Provides custom email (
  • Allows you to add a logo and tagline
  • Allows you to set the email language
  • Provides booking page themes
  • Provides a background image
  • Provides a background pattern
  • Provides foreground color customization
  • Provides custom image options
  • Offers multiple language support
  • Provides web embed functionality
  • Includes a book appointment button
  • Includes a QR code for the booking page
  • Provides a re-direct URL after booking confirmation
  • Offers light and dark mode options
  • Allows for unlimited appointments and booking pages
  • Supports all types of appointment types (online, in-person, and over the phone)
  • Provides customizable appointment durations
  • Supports multiple time zones
  • Provides breaks between slots
  • Allows you to check with other iMeetify calendars
  • Offers custom date range options
  • Provides custom form creation
  • Allows you to add custom fields to forms
  • Displays Google calendar entries in the dashboard

Use Cases:

  • Scheduling client appointments for consultations or meetings
  • Managing appointments for online classes or training sessions
  • Scheduling interviews or job candidate screenings
  • Booking time slots for wellness or fitness sessions
  • Setting up appointments for sales or product demos

iMeetify offers a lifetime deal for $23, which includes the following features:

  • 1 user
  • Unlimited in-person appointment scheduling
  • Unlimited online appointment scheduling
  • Unlimited over-the-phone appointment scheduling
  • 3 calendar themes and multiple calendar options
  • Zoom virtual meeting integration with appointment scheduling
  • Complete branding options with logo, profile pic, social media links, and custom links
  • Customizable contact form
  • Download appointments to Outlook and Google calendars
  • Group events with one event only
  • Attendee management with a maximum of 100 invites for an event
  • Virtual meeting link integration with MS Teams,, Google Meet, and
  • Appointment reminders and notifications via email
  • Embed calendar to your website and QR code of calendar link
  • Book appointment button code creation
  • Time-zone conversion and HubSpot CRM integration
  • MS Teams integration with CNAME
  • Breaks between slots and background banners

With its wide range of features and affordable pricing, iMeetify is a powerful tool that can greatly streamline your appointment scheduling process. Don't miss out on this great offer!