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Inbox Zero Lifetime Deal, 💌 Clean Up Your Inbox In Minutes

Inbox Zero: The email app that clears your inbox in minutes. Unsubscribe, automate replies, and gain insights into email activity. Lifetime deal available.

Inbox Zero is an online tool that was voted as the #1 Product of the day on ProductHunt with 840+ upvotes. It offers a range of features to help you manage your inbox efficiently.

Major Highlights:

  • Clean up your subscriptions
  • Automate replying and archiving with AI
  • Analytics to give you an overview of your inbox
  • Fully open source product for maximum transparency and privacy

Use Cases:

  • Newsletter Management:

    • See all your newsletter and marketing subscriptions in one place.
    • Unsubscribe from unwanted emails with a single click.
    • Prioritize senders by analyzing who emails you the most.
    • Gain insights into email frequency from specific senders.
  • Inbox Analytics:

    • Understand what fills up your inbox and develop an action plan to deal with it.
    • Identify top senders who email you the most and take necessary actions.
    • Streamline communication by analyzing who you email the most.
    • Automatically archive and label newsletters and cold emails with AI assistance.
  • Automate Your Inbox:

    • Automate repetitive tasks with Inbox Zero's AI assistant.
    • Customize rules for email replies, forwarding, and archiving.
    • Plan your email actions with the help of AI and switch to full automation when confident.
    • Communicate with Inbox Zero in plain English, just like talking to an assistant.
  • Privacy First:

    • Inbox Zero has undergone a thorough security process with Google, ensuring the protection of your emails.
    • The code is open-source, allowing you to verify and understand its functionality.
    • You can self-host Inbox Zero on your own infrastructure for full data privacy.

Available Offer:
Get the Inbox Zero lifetime deal for $199 (originally $249) with the following features:

  • $100 of AI credits
  • Unlimited unsubscribes
  • AI automations
  • AI categorization
  • AI planning mode
  • Email analytics
  • Newsletter management
  • New senders
  • Inbox view
  • Priority support
  • Early access to new features