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Independent Analytics Lifetime Deal,

Get a GDPR-friendly website analytics plugin for WordPress with Independent Analytics Lifetime Deal. Try it now for a Google Analytics alternative.

Independent Analytics is a powerful WordPress analytics plugin that offers a range of features to help you track and analyze your website's performance. With a beautiful analytics dashboard, 100% GDPR compliance, and deep integration with WordPress, Independent Analytics is the perfect tool for website owners looking to gain valuable insights into their site's traffic and performance.

Major Highlights:

  • Beautiful analytics dashboard right inside your WordPress site
  • 100% GDPR compliant with no configuration or cookie popups
  • Deep integration with WordPress, no outside accounts needed
  • Easy setup, starts tracking the moment you install it
  • Traffic sources feature to identify websites sending you the most visitors
  • Geographic data visualization on an interactive world map
  • Campaign Links for creating and tracking custom campaign URLs
  • Real-time Analytics to see current site visitors
  • WooCommerce Analytics to track profitable marketing channels
  • Email Reports for receiving monthly PDF reports via email

Use Cases:

  • Monitor website traffic and visitor sources
  • Track geographic data to understand visitor demographics
  • Create and track custom campaign URLs for marketing campaigns
  • Monitor real-time site traffic
  • Analyze WooCommerce data to optimize marketing strategies

Deal Pricing:

  • $164 for a single site
  • $247 for 3 sites
  • $329 for 5 sites
  • $494 for 10 sites
  • $824 for unlimited sites

Take advantage of the Independent Analytics lifetime deal to access all these features and more at discounted prices. Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your website analytics and make data-driven decisions for your online business.