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IntelliWebi Lifetime Deal,

Get AI-powered feedback on your startup pitch with IntelliWebi. Raise funds and impress investors with this lifetime deal.

IntelliWebi is an innovative online tool designed to enhance your pitch presentation skills. By leveraging AI technology, IntelliWebi offers a range of features to help you analyze and improve your pitch delivery.

Major Highlights:

  • Auto Captions: Automatically generate subtitles for your pitch video to reach a wider audience.
  • Language Habit Analysis: Gain insights into your language habits during the pitch and rectify any bad habits.
  • Voice Emotion Analysis: Understand the emotional impact of your delivery through AI-based vocal emotion analysis.
  • Pitch Deck Presentation: Analyze your pitch deck with segmentation based on time allocation for effective utilization.
  • SWOT Analysis for Startups: Receive a comprehensive analysis of your startup's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Investor Persona Chatbot: Practice your pitch with an AI-powered chatbot to receive instant feedback and refine your delivery.

Use Cases:

  • Enhance accessibility of your pitch presentation with auto captions.
  • Improve your language habits and emotional impact through analysis.
  • Understand the effectiveness of your pitch deck presentation.
  • Identify areas for improvement and capitalize on strengths with SWOT analysis.
  • Refine your delivery and leave a lasting impression on potential investors with the investor persona chatbot.

🎁 Get the IntelliWebi lifetime deal for $80 with features including Auto Captions, Language Habit Analysis, Voice Emotion Analysis, Pitch Deck Presentation, SWOT Analysis for Startups, and Investor Persona Chatbot.