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Enhance productivity with Intentio Chrome extension. Reduce distractions, stay focused on tasks. Get the annual deal now!

Intentio is a powerful online tool designed to help users stay focused and mindful while browsing the internet. With features that promote self-accountability and productivity, Intentio aims to enhance the browsing experience and encourage users to make more mindful decisions about their online habits.

Major Highlights:

  • Block Sites Mindfully: Reflective questions to make mindful decisions about visiting sites.
  • Self Accountability: Reminders of remaining time on blocked sites to promote behavior change.
  • Focus Effortlessly: Option to start Pomodoro timer on focus sites with automatic synchronization.
  • Mindful Downtime: Scheduled periods with no access to blocked sites and daily site visit summaries.
  • Uncover Your Mindless Sites: Prompt to add sites not in blocked or focus list after 15 minutes of usage.
  • Site Redirect: Choose a website for redirection, bypassing intent questions for blocked sites.
  • Cloud Sync: Seamless data synchronization across devices without manual entry.
  • Analytics: Track learning versus pleasure time, view site-specific reports, and gain insights into browsing habits.

Use Cases:

  • Enhance productivity by blocking distracting websites during work hours.
  • Promote mindfulness by reflecting on browsing habits and making intentional choices.
  • Improve time management with Pomodoro timer for focused work sessions.
  • Analyze browsing patterns and make informed decisions to optimize online behavior.

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