KDP College Collection – Guide To Create KDP Books | Lifetime Access

KDP College Collection is a collection of 4 books that help you create low-content books that sell. It covers everything you need to know, from niche selection to book structuring and even tips for finding proven book ideas.

🎁 Get the KDP College Collection lifetime deal for $12 with the following features:

  • With KDP College Collection You will Learn:

  • Which FREE tools to use to help you research the topic for your book

  • How to collect the data and then interpret it

  • How to make the best niche choices

  • How to reduce your chances of creating a dud!

  • How to take a keyword and turn it into a book concept

  • How to research the competition for ideas

  • Where to find other ideas to help differentiate your book

  • How to structure your book

  • How to set up your pages correctly

  • Which platform to use for free

  • My special tool that makes importing images a breeze

  • How to format images in bulk

  • How to sell more books by having awesome covers

  • A great way of accessing an expensive world-class tool for peanuts

  • Where to uncover proven book ideas that SELL (HINT: it’s not Amazon)

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