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Kirki Premium Lifetime Free Deal, ⚡ Customizer Toolkit for WP Theme Developers

Enhance WP themes with Kirki Premium Lifetime Free Deal. Customizer Toolkit optimizes controls, loading only when interacted with. Boost your development workflow now!

Kirki is the #1 Customizer Toolkit for WordPress Theme Developers, designed to streamline theme development by providing over 30 custom controls, including sliders, typography controls with Google Fonts integration, and automatic CSS and postMessage script generation.

Major Highlights:

  • Increased Performance: Kirki optimizes performance by loading controls only when interacted with.
  • Simplified API: Makes adding new controls to the Customizer easier.
  • CSS Generation: Automatically generates necessary CSS based on configured controls.
  • postMessage Generation: Instant live-preview with automatically generated postMessage scripts.
  • Partial Refresh: Seamless support for the Customizer's partial refresh feature.
  • Conditional Logic: Show and hide controls based on conditions.
  • GDPR Compliant: Stores Google Fonts locally for GDPR compliance.
  • Page Speed: Local storage of Google Fonts for optimal performance.
  • Kirki PRO: Enhance the customizer experience with PRO extensions.

Use Cases:

  • Customize themes quickly and easily.
  • Optimize performance and page speed.
  • Simplify API for adding new controls.
  • Ensure GDPR compliance with local storage of Google Fonts.
  • Enhance the customizer experience with Kirki PRO extensions.

🎁 Get the Kirki Premium lifetime deal for free with unlimited themes, all Kirki PRO extensions, all future extensions, 30+ customizer controls, and simplified CSS generation. Deal Price: Free