Lifetime Deals

Kirmada Lifetime Deal, 📊 Browser-Based Productivity Tool

Boost productivity with Kirmada: a project-focused browser for freelancers, small businesses, and virtual assistants. Stay organized and in control.

Kirmada is a web browser designed to streamline client servicing by organizing all client work into Workspaces for a more efficient and organized experience. With features like Client Workspaces, Share Client Workload, Track Your Time, Files & Images, and Social Media, Kirmada aims to boost productivity and simplify client management.

Major Highlights:

  • Client Workspaces consolidate all client tabs, files, accounts, social media schedules, timesheets, and more in one place.
  • Share Client Workload allows for easy sharing of Workspaces with colleagues, providing instant access to accounts, passwords, websites, social media, and files.
  • Track Your Time feature helps in efficient time tracking for better revenue management, including compiling colleagues' timesheets for easier billing.
  • Files & Images feature offers 10GB of file space within the Workspace for easy access to client images and files.
  • Social Media feature enables editing, scheduling, and managing posts and images, as well as combining all DMs in one inbox for seamless communication.

Use Cases:

  • Perfect for freelancers or agencies managing multiple client accounts.
  • Ideal for teams collaborating on client projects and sharing workload.
  • Great for professionals looking to streamline time tracking and billing processes.
  • Useful for individuals handling social media management for clients.
  • Suitable for anyone looking for a browser solution with integrated client management features.

Available Offers:

  • Kirmada Tier 1 lifetime deal for $49 includes features like 1 licensed user, unlimited workspaces, automatic timesheets, social media calendars, and 10 GB of total storage per user.
  • Kirmada Tier 2 lifetime deal for $129 offers everything in Tier 1 for 5 licensed users.
  • Kirmada Tier 3 lifetime deal for $229 includes all features in Tier 1 for 20 licensed users.