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Laxis AI Meeting Assistant – Premium Annual Deal,

Supercharge your meetings with Laxis AI Meeting Assistant. Save time, capture insights, and collaborate effortlessly with your team. Get the premium annual deal today!

Laxis AI Meeting Assistant is an AI-powered SaaS tool that revolutionizes meeting management for revenue teams. By offering a plethora of features, it enhances productivity and provides valuable insights from customer conversations.

Major Highlights:

  • Personalized Meeting Templates for customized agendas
  • Integration with Online Conference Tools like Zoom and Google Meet
  • Real-time Transcription and Tagging for live conversations
  • Post-Meeting Audio Upload for transcription alignment
  • Smart Summaries using NLP technology for effortless follow-ups
  • Insight Management for categorizing conversations
  • Conversation Search for quick access to key information
  • Team Collaborations with downloadable transcripts and memos

Use Cases:

  • Streamlining meeting processes for revenue teams
  • Enhancing productivity and efficiency in customer conversations
  • Extracting valuable insights for follow-up actions
  • Simplifying collaboration and information sharing within teams

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