Laxis AI Meeting Assistant – Premium Annual Deal

Maximize meeting efficiency with Laxis AI Meeting Assistant. Capture key insights, generate summaries, and collaborate seamlessly with your team. Try it now!

🎁 Get the Laxis AI Meeting Assistant – Premium Annual for $47.99 per year with the following features:

  • Transcription: 2000 minutes per month

  • Unlimited Google Meet transcription

  • AI Writer and LaxisChat: 200,000 words per month

  • AI Writer: auto-generate meeting follow-up content

  • LaxisChat: ChatGPT-like chatbot for meetings

  • Calendar integration

  • Insight management

  • Support email response time: 2 business days

  • Unlimited online meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, and any future platforms

  • In-person meetings supported via mobile app

  • Transcription from audio file upload or microphone recording

  • Personalized meeting templates

  • World-class editor

  • Download and share

Deal Price:
1900-02-15 23:45:36