Lifetime Deals

Lightster Lifetime Deal,

Enhance your product with Lightster, a powerful platform for direct user engagement. Validate and improve your product with potential users.

Lightster is an online tool that allows you to find and connect with potential users based on your specific criteria. Here's how it works:

Major Highlights:

  • Set your criteria: Choose from age, location, industry, job title, and more to find high-quality matches.
  • Find your match: Browse detailed profiles and social media links to connect with users you're interested in.
  • Connect: Schedule live conversations or send surveys with features like screen-sharing and voice transcriptions.

Use Cases:

  • Conduct market research by connecting with users in your target demographic.
  • Schedule user testing sessions to gather feedback on your product or service.
  • Engage with potential customers to understand their needs and preferences.

🎁 Lightster lifetime deal for $49 includes:

  • Segment users with custom criteria
  • Free chat with unlimited users
  • AI-enabled voice transcriptions
  • Dedicated 1:1 support
  • No platform fees per session
  • Ability to share screen and record sessions
  • Invite unlimited collaborators for sessions
  • Bring & engage your own users for free
  • Support on maximizing insights.