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Linked Booster Lifetime Deal,

Automate your social networking with Linked Booster Lifetime Deal. Save time, money, and boost your professional career with this powerful tool.

Linked Booster is a powerful tool designed to enhance your LinkedIn experience by automating various tasks and streamlining your workflow. With features like LinkedIn auto-connect, Parrot message templates, lead lists building, and 1st-connection management mode, Linked Booster helps you make meaningful connections faster and more efficiently. The tool also offers the ability to export contacts from LinkedIn to CSV, auto-visit and profile scraper, and a user-friendly dashboard with a dark theme for easy management.

Major Highlights:

  • LinkedIn auto-connect for faster connections
  • Parrot message templates for personalized outreach
  • Lead lists building for improved talent acquisition
  • 1st-connection management mode for efficient contact management
  • Export contacts from LinkedIn to CSV for data organization
  • Auto-visit and profile scraper for automated profile engagement
  • Dashboard for CRM-like lead management
  • Dark theme for a sleek user interface

Use Cases:

  • Streamline your LinkedIn outreach process
  • Manage and organize your LinkedIn contacts efficiently
  • Automate profile visits and engagement
  • Create personalized message templates for outreach
  • Export contact information for further analysis

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