Lifetime Deals

Linkedim Lifetime Deal,

Easily create smart and simple links for your social media bio with Linkedim Lifetime Deal. Showcase everything you offer in one link.

Linkedim-Link Generator is a versatile online tool that allows you to easily manage your social networks and projects. With Linkedim, you can create bio links, shortened links, and customize your unique bio link. The tool provides detailed day-by-day statistics to help you track your progress effectively.

Major Highlights:

  • Works with all your social networks
  • Enables you to manage multiple projects
  • Creates bio links & shortened links
  • Enables customization to add your own unique bio link
  • Provides day-by-day statistics

Use Cases:

  • Personal branding
  • Social media marketing
  • Campaign tracking
  • Link management
  • Analytics monitoring

🎁 Get the Linkedim lifetime deal for $9.99 with 10 Projects, 100 vCard Pages, 100 Shorted Links, 1 Custom Domains, Custom Back-half, Deep linking, No Ads, and more.

For $39.99, upgrade to the Business plan with 100 Projects, 500 vCard Pages, 500 Shorted Links, and 5 Custom Domains.

Or, go for the Unlimited plan for $69.99, which includes Unlimited Projects, Profiles/vCard Pages, Shorted Links, and Custom Domains.