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Linkilo Annual Deal, ⚡ Best Link Whisper Alternative

Linkilo Annual Deal: Best Link Whisper Alternative! Boost SEO with powerful Internal Link Building & Auditing. Specially designed for WordPress, Linkilo helps SEOs and editors maximize link power by suggesting internal and external links. Grab the deal now!

Linkilo is an online tool that offers a range of features to enhance your website's SEO and link building strategy. With its powerful algorithms and comprehensive analysis, Linkilo provides valuable insights and suggestions to help improve your website's performance.

Major Highlights:

  • Link Suggestions: Linkilo utilizes various algorithms, including content analysis, semantic web, tags, categories, titles, headings, URLs, and contextually related types, to provide you with relevant and effective link suggestions.
  • Add More Keywords: By adding custom keywords or integrating keywords from Google Search Console, Rank Math, Yoast, or All-in-One SEO plugins, you can enhance Linkilo's capabilities and access even more valuable suggestions.
  • Link Analysis: Linkilo offers detailed analysis to evaluate your website's performance, highlighting areas of improvement, and identifying missed opportunities.
  • Add Auto Links: With Linkilo, you can automate external link placement by simply adding keywords, making it ideal for affiliate marketing or link exchanges without the hassle of manual searching.
  • Link Cannibalization Report: Worried about using the same anchor text in multiple posts? Linkilo ensures that your anchor text is diversified, helping search engines differentiate them effectively.
  • Anchor Text Report: Identify how many times you have used the same anchor text, allowing you to optimize your internal linking strategy.
  • Keyword Cannibalization Report: Linkilo identifies which keywords your pages are ranking for and whether there is any keyword cannibalization occurring, providing valuable insights for improving your SEO.
  • Add other sites for internal Link Suggestions: Whether you own multiple sites, sub-domains, or want to provide meaningful links to your readers, Linkilo allows you to find the right words and add external links seamlessly.
  • Google Auto Suggested Keywords: If you're struggling to select keywords for your anchor text, Linkilo will provide you with all of Google's suggestions (Coming Soon).
  • Import/Export Your Data: Linkilo allows you to export your existing links and keywords, as well as import new ones, facilitating easy management and organization (In development!).
  • Tag Generator: Generate tags based on the keywords found in your content, helping you build a better site structure and improve interlinking (In development!).

Use Cases:

  • Improve link building strategies for better SEO.
  • Optimize internal linking to enhance website structure.
  • Diversify anchor text to avoid cannibalization.
  • Automate external link placement for affiliate marketing or link exchanges.
  • Gain insights into keyword rankings and identify areas for improvement.

Available Offers and Pricing:

  • All plans include the following features: Summary Report, Link Suggestions, Link Analysis, Add More Keywords, Add Auto Links, Anchor Text Report, Keyword Cannibalization Report, Link Cannibalization Report, Add other sites for internal Link Suggestions, access to all current and future features, 1 Year Plugin Update, and 1 Year Priority Support.
  • For $59 per year, you will receive an annual license for 1 website.
  • For $149 per year, you will receive an annual license for 5 websites.
  • For $279 per year, you will receive an annual license for 25 websites.
  • For $499 per year, you will receive an annual license for unlimited websites.

With its comprehensive features and competitive pricing plans, Linkilo is a valuable tool for any website owner looking to optimize their SEO and enhance their link building strategy.