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Maple CMS Lifetime Deal,

Maple CMS: Unlocking Your Content's Potential. Empower Your Business with our Robust, Headless CMS. Flexible Schema for Structured Content. Maximize Efficiency, Engagement, and Growth.

Maple CMS: Empowering Businesses with Effortless Content Management

Maple CMS is a robust Headless CMS designed to empower businesses of all sizes. It goes beyond being just a content management system; it's a comprehensive solution for managing your content, copy, documentation, and more in a cohesive manner.

Major Highlights:

  • Tailor Content Effortlessly: Maple CMS provides a flexible schema that allows you to structure your content exactly as you need it. Whether it's defining the schema for a blog post, product reviews, e-commerce products, or more, Maple CMS provides the tools to tailor your content structure to your specific requirements. Creating unique and compelling content is made seamless with Maple CMS. Utilize the rich text editing features to craft engaging narratives and manage content entries effortlessly.

  • Seamless Integration with GraphQL API: What sets Maple CMS apart is its integration capabilities. The powerful GraphQL API enables you to integrate your content effortlessly, giving you the flexibility to showcase your content wherever you desire. The simplicity and effectiveness of this process are further enhanced by our custom generative AI, providing you with code snippets for easy API integration on your website or product.

  • AI Guidance for Content Decisions: Maple CMS features an AI assistant that stands ready to guide you through schema or content decisions, making the entire content management process easier, simpler, and more powerful for your business. Utilize our AI assistant for quick schema decisions and generate code snippets to integrate the GraphQL API effortlessly. With AI guidance, you can ensure that your content is structured and optimized for maximum impact.

  • Manage Assets with Ease: The platform also offers a centralized hub to upload and manage all your assets, ensuring a smooth workflow for your multimedia content. From images and videos to documents and other media files, Maple CMS allows you to manage and organize your assets effortlessly. Say goodbye to scattered files and enjoy a streamlined content management experience.

Use Cases:

  • Blog Management: Maple CMS provides the necessary tools to create and manage engaging blog content, making it effortless to publish articles, optimize SEO, and attract more readers.

  • E-commerce Product Management: With Maple CMS, you can easily create and manage product listings, organize product information, and streamline your e-commerce content management process.

  • Documentation Management: Maple CMS offers a comprehensive solution for organizing and managing documentation, making it easy to create, update, and publish documentation for your products or services.

Available Offers:

  • Maple CMS Plan 1 lifetime deal for $59: Includes 5 users, unlimited projects, unlimited schemas, unlimited content entries, 5GB storage per seat, encrypted at rest, encrypted in transit, and automatic backups.

  • Maple CMS Plan 2 lifetime deal for $118: Includes everything in Plan 1, plus 20 users and 20GB storage per seat.

Take advantage of these offers to optimize your content management process with Maple CMS.