Lifetime Deals

Marqly Lifetime Deal,

Organize bookmarks effortlessly with Marqly, the ultimate all-in-one bookmark manager. Say goodbye to cluttered bookmarks and hello to efficiency.

Marqly is an online tool that simplifies the process of managing bookmarks and important texts. It offers advanced search options, allowing users to search by date, URL, type, and website content. Users can add tags to bookmarks for easier filtering and searching, as well as add bookmarks to different boards. Marqly provides a hassle-free experience for organizing online resources.

Major Highlights:

  • Run advanced search by date, URL, type, and website content
  • Add tags to bookmarks for easier filtering and searching
  • Bookmark preview feature
  • Unlimited bookmarks and devices
  • Nested collections for better organization
  • Enhanced web preview with full-screen option
  • New design and layout for improved user experience
  • Draggable boards for easy reordering
  • Priority support via email
  • All updates included in the plan

Use Cases:

  • Researching and organizing online resources
  • Saving and categorizing important articles or websites
  • Collaborating with others by sharing bookmarked links
  • Creating a personalized library of online content
  • Keeping track of references for academic or professional work

🎁 With a $59 lifetime plan, users can enjoy unlimited bookmarks, bookmark preview, advanced search, bookmark tags, unlimited devices, priority support by email, new design and layout, nested collections, enhanced web preview, draggable boards, and all updates included. This offer provides a comprehensive set of features for efficient bookmark and text management.