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Marvin XR Annual Deal,

Elevate your campaigns with Marvin XR's annual deal - a top-tier web-based AR studio for creating premium WebAR experiences effortlessly.

Marvin XR is a low-code WebAR platform that allows businesses to create and publish WebAR experiences quickly and efficiently. With features like quick campaign launches, instant publishing from the browser, and accessibility on any device, Marvin XR simplifies the process of implementing augmented reality campaigns. The platform prioritizes security with GDPR compliance and offers enterprise-grade security for peace of mind. Users can play WebAR experiences even with low internet bandwidth and scale their campaigns as needed. Additionally, Marvin XR provides custom AR development, allowing businesses to connect, engage, and evaluate campaign performance effectively.

Major Highlights:

  • Quickly Launch Campaigns in Minutes
  • Publish Instantly from your Browser
  • No App Downloads Required
  • Accessible through any device
  • Security First GDPR Compliant SaaS Platform
  • Play even with Low Internet Bandwidth
  • Scale WebAR Campaigns
  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • Custom AR Development
  • Comprehensive User Interaction Tracking System

Use Cases:

  • Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
  • Product Demonstrations and Showcases
  • Virtual Try-On Experiences
  • Interactive Branding and Engagement
  • Education and Training Modules

🎁 Get the Marvin XR annual deal for $95 with access to 5 different types of WebAR, AR campaign monitoring and management, unlimited 3D model conversion, 2,500 AR views per month, and more. Additional deals include increased features and benefits for $190, $285, and $950 annually.