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MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal, 📝 Create & Sell Online Courses

Build and sell courses effortlessly on WordPress with MasterStudy LMS. Engage students with diverse lesson types, quizzes, and assignments. Get the lifetime deal now!

Deliver great e-learning experiences

All the LMS features you need to create any type of online learning.

Major Highlights:

  • Online Coaching Platform: Our goal from day 1 was to build the best online coaching platform for WordPress.
  • School Learning Management System: A school LMS made easy for busy students, teachers, and school admins.
  • Corporate Training LMS: A corporate training platform without the Enterprise price tag.
  • eLearning Marketplace: The marketplace learning management system powering the next Udemy.

Built for flexibility, whether you're a startup, an established school or an e-learning marketplace

Teach anyone anything from anywhere with WordPress LMS Plugin and Theme. Your best bet to Create & Sell awesome e-learning courses – All in One place!

Major Highlights:

  • Online coaching platform:
    • Build & Manage Courses: A convenient and intuitive interface that allows you to easily create digital e-learning content.
    • No coding skills required: Various instructors can create a course as MasterStudy does not require any additional skills.
    • Upload unlimited file types: Hassle-free uploading, sorting, and managing of files. Search feature that allows finding widespread files in your course a breeze.
  • School LMS:
    • Complete LMS for schools: Easily manage multiple courses, lessons, classes, and teachers.
    • Blended learning platform: Delivering the best of both words, whether face-to-face or online learning.
    • Motivate your students: Provide them with the tools they need to achieve academic excellence.
  • Online Training:
    • Ultimate flexibility: Use MasterStudy LMS for any type of online training, whether a single course or a full training program.
    • Easy to Use: Get going in minutes with our industry-leading Course Builder. Your students will love learning too!
    • Premium Support: The team is here to help, whether you are stuck or need advice on E-learning best practices.
  • E-learning marketplace:
    • Revenue distribution: Set your own commission rates for instructors. This helps you keep a solid business.
    • Course bundles: Sell multiple courses in one package. Increase your revenue and provide advanced offers to students with the bundles.
    • Group courses: Sell courses to companies and organizations, add users to groups and assign the course to each member.

Use Cases:

  • Online coaching and tutoring
  • School education and e-learning
  • Corporate training and development
  • Setting up an e-learning marketplace

🎁 Available offer: Get the MasterStudy LMS lifetime deal for $199.99 with a 1 Site License, Premium Addons, Lifetime Updates, Priority Ticket Support, and Starter Theme.
🎁 Alternatively, get the MasterStudy LMS lifetime deal for $399.99 with everything above for 5 sites.
🎁 For unlimited sites, get the MasterStudy LMS lifetime deal for $799.99 with all the features mentioned.

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