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MetaSurvey Lifetime Deal,

Create engaging surveys with MetaSurvey's lifetime deal. Build NPS, Emoji, and Tinder-style surveys to collect feedback and engage customers.

MetaSurvey is an online tool that offers various features to enhance customer satisfaction and audience analysis. Users can add product photos and videos directly into Swipe cards, supporting all formats like SVG, PNG, JPG, or GIF videos. The tool also provides NPS scores to gauge customer satisfaction and retention, allowing businesses to increase brand awareness and trust by adding their logo and removing MetaSurvey branding. Audience analysis features enable users to understand their audience's demographics and preferences, helping them make informed decisions to improve sales.

Major Highlights:

  • Product Presentation with photos and videos in Swipe cards
  • NPS score for customer satisfaction
  • Brand awareness and trust building
  • Audience analysis for demographic insights

Use Cases:

  • Collecting feedback through surveys
  • Analyzing customer preferences
  • Increasing brand loyalty
  • Improving product presentation

Deal Pricing:

  • $78 lifetime plan includes 1,500 completed surveys/month, unlimited questions, secure surveys, export results to CSV, images & GIFs, CTA buttons, and more.
  • $168 lifetime plan offers 5,000 completed surveys/month, no MetaSurvey branding, and priority feature requests.
  • $198 lifetime plan provides 10,000 completed surveys/month, no MetaSurvey branding, and priority feature requests.