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Mevo Lifetime Deal,

Create custom chatbots with Mevo Lifetime Deal for seamless information collection and customer support. Effortlessly build bots with no coding required.

A chatbot that knows your company, your products & services, and will be ready to answer questions you’ve been bored to answer again and again. Mevo is a no-code builder that allows you to build and publish a bot-page in minutes without any coding experience. With features like team collaboration, export data in CSV format, engagement analytics, email notifications, session replays, and in-chat history, Mevo offers a comprehensive platform for creating and managing chatbots. Teach your products/services to your bot with prices and descriptions, cover FAQs, provide long text for short answers, test your bot live, and inject custom prompts for a personalized experience.

Major Highlights:

  • No-code builder for quick bot-page creation
  • Team collaboration for seamless workflow
  • Export data in CSV format for easy analysis
  • Engagement analytics for performance tracking
  • Email notifications for real-time updates
  • Session replays for monitoring bot performance
  • Teach products/services to your bot
  • Cover FAQs for efficient customer support
  • Test your bot live for real-time feedback
  • Provide custom prompts for a personalized experience

Use Cases:

  • Streamline customer support with automated responses
  • Enhance user engagement with personalized interactions
  • Improve sales by guiding customers through product information
  • Analyze bot performance with detailed engagement analytics
  • Save time by automating repetitive tasks
  • Increase customer satisfaction with quick and accurate responses
  • Customize bot interactions for a unique user experience
  • Boost productivity by collaborating with team members effectively

🎁 Get the Mevo lifetime deal for $49 with 3 user seats, 5 chatbots, 500 monthly responses for classical chatbots, AI chatbots with a 1M monthly token limit, no Mevo branding, conversation details for AI-powered chatbots, email notifications, webhooks, shareable chatbot pages, and all future Pro Plan updates.