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Microthemer Lifetime Deal,

Easily customize your site's CSS styling with Microthemer Lifetime Deal. Edit Google fonts and responsive layouts effortlessly with this powerful visual editor.

Microthemer is a powerful CSS editing tool for WordPress that enhances your design capabilities. It allows you to inspect and edit CSS in one place with computed CSS reporting, making it easier to make style edits based on your theme's default styling. The tool also offers features like exporting designs between domains, autosave, and undo options to help you work efficiently.

Major Highlights:

  • Inspect and edit CSS in one place with computed CSS reporting
  • Export designs between domains and easily back up your work
  • Autosave and undo features for easy error recovery
  • Lightweight and optimized code that won't slow down your site
  • Includes a JavaScript editor with helpful error reporting
  • Deactivate or uninstall the tool without losing your CSS changes

Use Cases:

  • Easily make CSS edits to your WordPress theme
  • Backup your design changes and experiment with alternative designs
  • Roll back to previous points if you make mistakes
  • Keep your site running smoothly with optimized code
  • Prevent clients from making changes by deactivating or uninstalling the tool

🎁 Get the Themeover Microthemer lifetime deal for $59 with 1 site + 150+ CSS styling options, intuitive CSS editor, responsive design, and more. Or choose the $118 deal for 3 sites + additional features, or the $177 deal for unlimited sites + more styling options.