Mortar AI One-Year Deal

Mortar AI is your next-generation CDP (customer data platform) that cleans, analyzes, and unifies all of your fragmented data into a single, easy-to-use dashboard in real-time.

🎁 Get the Mortar AI one-year deal for $49 with the following features:

  • Create your own programmatic digital media campaigns

  • Clean and reformat your data to make it marketing-ready

  • Enhance your data to add value

  • Remove duplicates and find relationships in your data

  • Visualize your data in a single dashboard

  • Visualize the AI insights that our analytics engine created for you

  • Slice and dice your customer data using an advanced query engine

  • Find your ideal target market based on your industry data

  • Find your churning customers and win them back

Deal Price:
1900-02-17 0:00:00