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MotionShot Lifetime Deal, 💡 Make Screen Guides Under Minutes!

Create Screen Guides in Minutes! Easily demonstrate processes with step-by-step images, annotations, shapes, and voice-overs. Say goodbye to lengthy documentation, hello to concise and visual guides! Increase efficiency now.

MotionShot is a versatile SaaS tool that allows you to create interactive guides, tutorials, and demos effortlessly. With MotionShot, you can streamline your processes by creating guides once and exporting them into various formats such as MP4, GIF, or PDF, or embedding them directly into your webpage.

Major Highlights:

  • Add screenshots: Create a new guide and upload the screenshots. You can even drag and drop all the screenshots at once!
  • Add steps: Add the steps by just tapping on the screenshots. Give annotation details and customize the colors.
  • Customize: Give the guide a title, description, and CTA details. This information will be visible to your customers.
  • Publish & Embed: Finally, publish the guide. You get a link to share or include in your pages. You can also embed it in your website!

Use Cases:

  • Training: MotionShot is perfect for creating training materials that are interactive and engaging.
  • Onboarding: Simplify the onboarding process for new users by providing them with step-by-step guides and tutorials.
  • Product Demos: Showcase your product's features and functionalities through interactive demos created with MotionShot.
  • Customer Support: Use MotionShot to create troubleshooting guides and FAQs that your customers can easily follow.

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MotionShot One-Time Plan:

  • Price: $41.65 $49
  • Features:
    • 240 guide generations (one-time)
    • 128,000 voice-over characters (one-time)
    • Export to video + No Branding
    • Voice over + No watermark
    • Export to PDF & images
    • Multi-language translation
    • Chrome plugin
    • Topup on demand
    • Embed in your websites
    • Support on demand

MotionShot LTD Plan:

  • Price: $124.95 $147
  • Everything included in the One-Time Plan, plus:
    • 300 guide generations per month
    • 22,000 voice over chars per month

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