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Movmi Annual Deal,

Enhance animations with Movmi's AI-powered motion capture service. Capture and estimate 3D poses from videos and text easily. Annual deal available.

Movmi is an innovative tool that offers a range of features to assist 3D animators in creating high-quality animations. One of its key features is the AI Motion Capture tool, which can transform human body motion from 2D media data into 3D animations. Additionally, Movmi includes a unique 'Pose Generate' feature that can generate a 3D pose from descriptive text. The tool is accessible from any location and device, supporting media shots from smartphones to professional cameras. Movmi also provides an Artistic Mentor Chatbot for guidance and an active community chat for users to interact with each other. Users can access the Movmi Store, which offers a collection of free 3D characters and animations. The software exports FBX files that are compatible with any 3D environment.

Major Highlights:

  • AI Motion Capture for transforming 2D media data into 3D animations
  • Pose Generate feature for creating 3D poses from text
  • Accessible from any location and device
  • Artistic Mentor Chatbot for guidance
  • Support for scenes with multiple humans
  • Community chat for user interaction
  • Access to Movmi Store for free 3D characters
  • FBX file output for compatibility with various 3D environments

Use Cases:

  • Creating realistic 3D animations from 2D media data
  • Generating 3D poses from descriptive text
  • Collaborating with other users through the community chat
  • Accessing a library of free 3D characters and animations
  • Exporting FBX files for use in different 3D environments

🎁 Get the Movmi annual deal for $91.8 per year with access to all motion capture features, faster workflow, support tickets, backup storage, and support via mail and call.