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MyDataNinja Lifetime Deal, 🚀 Centralized Marketing Insights

Boost your digital marketing with MyDataNinja! Scale and enhance your marketing efforts with centralized access to reports across multiple ad accounts. Grab the MyDataNinja Lifetime Deal now! 🚀

MyDataNinja is the ultimate all-in-one solution designed to scale and enhance the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies. It simplifies the process of creating, tracking, and optimizing online marketing campaigns, offering a seamless experience for marketers, marketing agencies, and e-commerce businesses.

Major Highlights:

  • Centralized Access: Review reports across multiple Google and Facebook accounts effortlessly.
  • Real-time Insights: Gain valuable insights into every aspect of your campaigns for quick decision-making.
  • Custom URL Tracking: Track customer touchpoints and maximize campaign success with detailed data.
  • Clear Tracking: Visualize every touchpoint of your customer's journey for enhanced ROI.

Advantages of MyDataNinja:

  • Easily manage advertisements across multiple accounts with a single click.
  • Gain insights into every campaign, ad group, and ad in real-time.
  • Simplify decision-making with automation and real-time data insights.
  • Maximize campaign success through custom URL tracking and clear tracking features.

Use Cases:

  • Marketers can easily review reports and gain valuable insights from multiple Google and Facebook accounts.
  • Marketing agencies can streamline their campaign management process and make informed decisions.
  • E-commerce businesses can track customer touchpoints, optimize campaigns, and visualize customer journeys for better ROI.

🎁 Get the MyDataNinja Plan 1 lifetime deal for $79 with the following features:

  • $5,000 monthly ad spend
  • 2,000 contacts in CRM
  • 1 workspace user
  • 5 active accounts
  • URL tracking + Custom URL tracking
  • CRM system + Form builder
  • API conversions integrations
  • Facebook Leads auto-sync
  • Facebook and Google Ad creation
  • Facebook and Google Ads automatic costs
  • Real-time reports of Google and Facebook Ads
  • Multiple Facebook and Google Ad accounts management
  • Ninja pixel tracking + Ninja attribution + 1 GB storage

🎁 Get the MyDataNinja Plan 2 lifetime deal for $158 with everything above +

  • $10,000 monthly ad spend
  • 5,000 contacts in CRM
  • 1 workspace user
  • Unlimited active accounts

🎁 Get the MyDataNinja Plan 3 lifetime deal for $237 with everything above +

  • $30,000 monthly ad spend
  • 10,000 contacts in CRM
  • 2 workspace users
  • Unlimited active accounts