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NativeRest Lifetime Deal, 🧪 The Ultimate REST API Testing Tool

Discover NativeRest, the ultimate REST API testing tool. Create, debug, and test your API with this high-performance Windows client. Boost your productivity today.

NativeRest: The Ultimate Native REST API Client for Windows

NativeRest is a powerful native desktop app designed to streamline your API testing process. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, NativeRest helps you test and debug REST APIs efficiently, saving you time and effort. Let's explore the major highlights of this innovative tool:

Major Highlights:

  • High Performance: NativeRest is optimized for Windows, ensuring fast performance and a smooth testing experience. It starts quickly, uses minimal memory and CPU resources, allowing you to test APIs efficiently.

  • Offline Mode and Proxy Server: With NativeRest, you have the flexibility to work offline, making it ideal for testing and debugging locally deployed applications. It also provides a preconfigured proxy server and supports custom proxy configurations, adapting to your testing environment.

  • Data Import/Export: NativeRest simplifies the migration process by supporting data import from popular REST clients like Postman and Insomnia. You can easily transfer your existing collections, environments, and variables without any loss. Additionally, it offers data export in a format compatible with other REST API clients.

  • Multilingual UI and Themes: NativeRest provides a multilingual user interface, supporting seven languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, and Chinese. It also offers both light and dark themes, allowing you to customize the appearance of the application to suit your preferences.

  • Concise One-Line Tests: With NativeRest's "Tests" tab, you can create concise one-line tests for each API request. These tests enable you to check the status, time, body, headers, and cookies of the response. You can also take advantage of a list of commonly-used test code snippets available in the Test Examples window.

  • Variable Assignment: NativeRest offers powerful capabilities for assigning variables at various scopes. You can utilize system, global, workspace, and environment variables to enhance the flexibility of your API testing. The built-in library provides sample data generation, including random names, addresses, and email addresses, allowing you to create dynamic tests.

Use Cases:

  • Testing and debugging locally deployed applications
  • Importing data from other REST clients
  • Creating concise tests for each API request
  • Assigning variables at various scopes for flexible testing

🎁 Available Offers:

  • NativeRest Lifetime Deal for $9: Includes 1 user + 1 device, unlimited local workspaces, native REST client, multiple environments, code snippet generation, custom HTTP methods, data import/export, multilingual user interface, simple testing, light and dark themes, offline mode, and full-featured portable version.

  • NativeRest Tier 2 Lifetime Deal for $18: Includes everything from the NativeRest Lifetime Deal, plus 1 user + 3 devices, 3 Cloud workspaces, sync across devices, NativeRest proxy server, and data recovery for 30 days.

  • NativeRest Tier 3 Lifetime Deal for $27: Includes everything from the NativeRest Tier 2 Lifetime Deal, plus 3 users + unlimited devices, collaborative workspaces, sharing permissions, user management, custom payment options, high-priority support, and data recovery for 60 days.

  • NativeRest Tier 4 Lifetime Deal for $45: Includes everything from the NativeRest Tier 3 Lifetime Deal, plus 5 users, 10 Cloud workspaces, and data recovery for 90 days.

  • NativeRest Tier 5 Lifetime Deal for $90: Includes everything from the NativeRest Tier 4 Lifetime Deal, plus 10 users, 20 Cloud workspaces, and data recovery for 180 days.

  • NativeRest Tier 6 Lifetime Deal for $180: Includes everything from the NativeRest Tier 5 Lifetime Deal, plus 20 users, unlimited Cloud workspaces, and data recovery for 1 year.

To avail these deals, use the provided coupon codes during checkout. NativeRest is the go-to tool for API testing on Windows, providing a seamless and efficient experience. Upgrade your API testing capabilities and boost your productivity with NativeRest today!