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Netscan Lifetime Deal,

Monitor uptime & performance with Netscan Lifetime Deal. Highly customizable & rapid status pages for efficient monitoring. Boost your website's performance now!

Easy & reliable uptime and performance monitoring solution: Netscan is a comprehensive tool that allows you to monitor the uptime and performance of your websites, servers, and ports with ease. By keeping track of your Cron jobs, displaying status pages, and alerting you to incidents, Netscan ensures that you stay informed about the health of your online assets. With features like monitoring from multiple locations, custom HTTP requests and responses, email notifications, and project organization, Netscan offers everything you need to keep your online presence running smoothly.

Major Highlights:

  • Monitors uptime, servers, and ports availability
  • Tracks Cron jobs and ensures they are running
  • Displays status pages for transparency with visitors
  • Alerts you to incidents and provides instant email notifications
  • Monitors from multiple locations around the world
  • Allows for custom HTTP requests and responses
  • Sends email notifications for service status changes
  • Organizes resources into projects
  • Supports custom domains for branding

Use Cases:

  • Ensuring website uptime and availability
  • Monitoring server performance and response times
  • Displaying status pages for transparency with visitors
  • Tracking Cron jobs to ensure they are running as scheduled
  • Organizing resources and projects for easy management

🎁 Get the Netscan lifetime deal for $249 with the following features:

  • 50 monitors + 50 heartbeats + 10 domain names
  • 10 status pages + 5 projects + 1 custom domain
  • 1 team + 2 team members
  • 15% affiliate percentage
  • Multiple notification handlers
  • 90 days data retention
  • 90 days status pages statistics retention
  • Additional domains + Included analytics
  • QR code builder + Password protection
  • Removable branding + Custom back-half URL
  • Block search engine indexing + Custom CSS styling
  • Custom JS + Email reports + No Ads