Lifetime Deals

NewOaks Whitelabel Addon Lifetime Deal

Enhance customer interaction with NewOaks' white label addon. Customize login page and use custom SMTP for branded front-end experience. Lifetime deal available.

NewOaks Whitelabel Add-on is a powerful tool that allows businesses to enhance customer interaction by providing a fully branded front-end experience. By customizing login pages and utilizing custom SMTP for emails, this add-on ensures that customers engage with a company's brand throughout their interactions.

Major Highlights:

  • Whitelabeled login page with custom logo and URL (CNAME).
  • Whitelabeled dashboard showing your branding as customers navigate the system.
  • Whitelabeled embeddable code for client websites, displaying your brand.
  • Custom SMTP for personalized emails.
  • Easily create a branded customer experience.
  • Boost brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Enhance the professionalism of customer interactions.
  • Increase customer trust and engagement.

Use Cases:

  • Create a seamless branded experience for customers.
  • Establish consistent branding across all customer interactions.
  • Personalize emails for a more engaging customer experience.
  • Increase trust and loyalty among customers.

Deal Pricing:

  • Get the NewOaks Whitelabel Addon lifetime deal for $199.
  • Features include Whitelabel login + Custom SMTP, White labeling with CNAME and logo, Custom email SMTP.
  • Unlimited customer workspaces (limited to the first 100 buyers).