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AI Deals Lifetime Deal,

Convert text into audio files with ease using ODIO.AI: a remarkable tool that guarantees hassle-free text-to-voice conversion. Ideal for bloggers and content creators. Get your Lifetime Deal now!

ODIO.AI is an online tool that offers a range of great features for users. With ODIO.AI, you can enjoy the benefits of multi-voice capabilities, allowing you to create unique and diverse audio clips. This tool also enables you to export your projects in both MP3 and Wav formats, giving you flexibility in how you use your audio content.

One of the standout features of ODIO.AI is the ability to use custom pronouns, allowing you to personalize your audio clips to suit your specific needs. Additionally, the tool provides the option to organize your projects into folders, making it easy to keep your work neatly organized.

When working on a project, ODIO.AI allows you to save drafts, ensuring that your progress is not lost. You can also adjust pause settings, giving you control over the pacing and flow of your audio. In-line options provide further customization, allowing you to make edits and adjustments directly within the text.

ODIO.AI offers an attractive lifetime deal priced at $49. With this deal, you receive 500K characters per month and 25K characters per clip. You also gain access to favorite voices and the ability to use multiple voices within a single file. The smart SSML editor further enhances your audio creation experience. Additionally, this deal includes the option to manage projects and add background audio to your clips. Should you encounter any issues, ODIO.AI provides support tickets to assist you.

For those seeking even more features and capabilities, there is the lifetime license Tier-2 available for $98. With this license, you receive unlimited characters per month and 75K characters per clip. You can enjoy all the features included in the previous deal, as well as the ability to create audiobooks and podcasts. The merge audio feature allows you to combine multiple audio files, while the audio converter offers further versatility.

With ODIO.AI, you have a powerful tool at your disposal for creating engaging and high-quality audio content. Whether you need it for personal or professional use, ODIO.AI has the features and options to meet your needs. Don't miss out on the lifetime deal, offering excellent value for the price.