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Olly Lifetime Deal, 📊 AI-Driven Social Media Assistant

Boost your social media presence with Olly's AI-powered assistant. Effortlessly generate personalized comments, suggestions, and similar posts to engage your audience. Streamline your social media workflow.

Olly is an AI-powered tool that generates dynamic comments, suggestions, replies, and real-time virality scores for your social media posts. It leverages the power of AI to predict what content will go viral and what won't, helping you create more engaging and successful posts. With Olly, you can generate comments in your own voice, customize your commenting style, and learn from your past comments to improve the quality over time.

Major Highlights

  • AI-Powered Comments in your browser
  • Takes a few seconds to generate comments
  • Use your own voice for personalized comments
  • Learn from past comments for improved quality
  • Predict what will work and what won't go viral
  • Post what works based on virality scores
  • Generate quality content in quantity
  • Learn why certain posts go viral and others don't

Use Cases

  • Rocketship your engagement with AI-powered comments and replies
  • Pay once and use forever with lifetime updates
  • Choose between GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 AI models
  • Connect with OpenAI API and pay for what you use

Deal Pricing and Features
Get the Olly lifetime deal for $19 with the following features:

  • AI Comment, posts, and virality Scores
  • Personalized interaction
  • Supported on 10+ platforms
  • Lifetime updates