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OneHash Chat Lifetime Deal, 💭 Live Chat Software

Enhance business development with OneHash Chat's comprehensive live chat software for tailor-made and scalable online customer support. Get lifetime deal now!

OneHash Chat is a powerful tool that revolutionizes customer support processes by streamlining communication channels and enhancing team collaboration. It helps businesses overcome challenges like managing inquiries, repetitive tasks, and inconsistent support responses. With OneHash Chat, businesses can make data-driven decisions to improve customer service operations effectively.

Major Highlights:

  • Unlimited Inbox and Chat capabilities
  • Comprehensive User Access and Permissions for 3 agents
  • AI Assist via OpenAI for enhanced support
  • Chatbot Integration and Omni-Channel Support
  • Advanced features like generating reports and canned responses
  • Automation based on events and conditions
  • Import and Export Contacts with customizable themes
  • Campaign running directly in the inbox
  • Labeling conversations for easy organization

Use Cases:

  • Online Retailers can manage inquiries and provide real-time support
  • SaaS Companies can offer prompt assistance and integrate with web applications
  • Lead Generation Websites can engage and qualify leads for higher conversion rates
  • Customer Support Centers benefit from unified communications and automation
  • Multi-Platform Businesses streamline support across diverse channels

Available Offers:

  • $49 for lifetime deal with features for 3 agents
  • $97 for lifetime deal with features for 5 agents
  • $145 for lifetime deal with features for 15 agents
  • $245 for lifetime deal with features for unlimited agents

With its comprehensive features and flexible pricing options, OneHash Chat is a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their customer support operations effectively.