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Online Exam Maker Annual Deal,

Create a thriving e-learning business with Online Exam Maker's annual deal. Turn your expertise into success with this ultimate platform.

Online Exam Maker is a comprehensive tool that allows users to create, market, and sell online exams and courses. With features such as automatic grading, proctor verification, secure exam browser, and monitoring of student activities, Online Exam Maker streamlines the exam creation and administration process for educators. Additionally, users can easily sell their exams and courses, embed tests on their website, connect with audiences on social platforms, and share private links with selected exam takers.

Major Highlights:

  • Automatic grading of exams
  • Proctor verification for test takers
  • Secure exam browser to prevent cheating
  • Monitoring of student activities during exams
  • Easy payment setting for selling exams and courses
  • Mobile-friendly interface for exams on the go
  • Embed tests on websites or blogs
  • Connect with audiences on social platforms
  • Share private links with selected exam takers
  • Create custom quizzes, tests, assignments, and surveys

Use Cases:

  • Educators looking to streamline the exam creation and grading process
  • Businesses wanting to create and sell online courses
  • Organizations needing to monitor student activities during exams
  • Individuals looking to create custom certificates for training programs
  • Anyone wanting to easily embed tests on their website or blog

🎁 Get the Online Exam Maker annual deal for $42 with features such as mobile interface, register form for lead generation, AI cheating prevention settings, question bank, multiple question types, automatic grading, and reports.