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Parallels Desktop 19 Lifetime Deal, 🖥️ Run Windows on Your Mac

Effortlessly run Windows on your Mac with Parallels Desktop 19 Lifetime Deal. Access thousands of Windows apps and full Microsoft Office 365 Suite.

Parallels Desktop for Mac is a powerful software that allows you to run Windows applications on your Mac seamlessly. It provides a smooth interaction between macOS and Windows, unlocking enhanced functionality and performance.

Major Highlights:

  • Experience the best of both worlds with Parallels Desktop for Mac, catering to home users, students, professionals, and power users.
  • For home users, run thousands of Windows applications, including games, on your Mac without the need for a separate Windows PC.
  • Students can access Windows apps and software essential for their studies, such as Microsoft Office 365 Suite, to supercharge their education.
  • Professionals can maximize productivity by seamlessly switching between macOS and Windows, utilizing the full power of Microsoft Office 365 Suite and other business-critical apps.
  • Power users benefit from advanced features for developing, automating, testing, and debugging software in multiple operating systems within the macOS environment.

Use Cases:

  • Home users can enjoy their favorite Windows-exclusive games on their Mac without the need for additional hardware.
  • Students can access specialized software and Microsoft Office 365 Suite for their studies, enhancing their educational experience.
  • Professionals can boost efficiency by seamlessly switching between macOS and Windows, maximizing productivity with business-critical apps.
  • Power users can develop and test software in multiple operating systems simultaneously, all within the familiar macOS environment.

Available Offer:

  • Standard Lifetime Plan: $110.49 (Discounted from $129.99)
    • Includes major updates for new macOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac models
    • Virtual RAM: 8 GB vRAM, Virtual CPUs: 4 vCPUs
    • Full compatibility with future versions not guaranteed
  • Pro Annual Plan: $101.99/year (Discounted from $119.99/year)
    • Run professional graphics-intensive Windows applications and multiple virtual machines
    • Virtual RAM: 128 GB, Virtual CPUs: 32