VPN & Security
Lifetime Deals Lifetime Deal,

Safely share sensitive info with Lifetime Deal. Create secure one-time links to protect secrets from exposure in chats and emails. is a versatile online tool that offers a secure way to manage and share passwords and secrets. With its Pro Plan, users can enjoy a range of features to enhance their password management experience.

Major Highlights:

  • Lifetime access to the Pro Plan
  • Send up to 500 secrets and passwords monthly
  • Configurable settings for secrets
  • Password generator for creating secure passwords
  • Custom pages and the ability to hide branding
  • Notifications via email, Slack, and more
  • API access, logs, and team size expansion for up to 20 members
  • Strong AES-256 encryption for maximum security

Use Cases:

  • Securely share sensitive information with team members
  • Generate complex passwords for enhanced security
  • Customize settings to fit specific security needs
  • Receive notifications for important updates and changes
  • Collaborate with team members on password management

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