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pCloud Pass Lifetime Deal, | Encrypted Password Manager

Securely store and access passwords on all devices with pCloud Pass Lifetime Deal. Instantly log in and fill out forms with a click.

pCloud Pass is a versatile online tool that offers secure password management and storage solutions for individuals and families. With just one click, users can encrypt their passwords, card details, and important notes, ensuring that their sensitive information is protected at all times. The tool allows users to create complex and secure passwords for each of their accounts, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords.

Major Highlights:

  • Password saving: Encrypt passwords with 1 click
  • Card details saving: Encrypt debit and credit card information
  • Secure notes saving: Encrypt important notes for access on any device
  • Create complex and secure passwords for all accounts
  • Secure password sharing: Share passwords securely with friends or team members
  • pCloud Pass Family: Secure access for family members
  • Import/export passwords from other sources
  • Autofill for quick login to websites and apps
  • Autosave passwords and card details
  • Biometric unlock for easy access

Use Cases:

  • Securely store and manage passwords, card details, and notes
  • Share passwords securely with others
  • Easily access stored information on any device
  • Import passwords from other password managers
  • Use biometric unlock for convenient access

Available Offer:

  • pCloud Pass lifetime deal for $149
  • Includes unlimited active devices, secured sharing, contact list, and autofill feature
  • Also includes biometric unlock, search function, and auto-lock feature

Family Deal:

  • pCloud Pass Family lifetime deal for $253
  • Includes all features of the individual deal
  • Plus 5 member seats for family access