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PinMy Lifetime Deal, 📌 Streamline Collaboration with Visual Annotations

Streamline collaboration with visual annotations and unique voice comments. PinMy revolutionizes on-the-go collaboration with a mobile-first approach.

PinMy: Add Voice & Text Directly onto Images

Enhance the way you discuss feedback on various visual content such as photos, images, screenshots, GIFs, and PDF presentations. Gone are the days of cumbersome email chains and confusing feedback loops.

Major Highlights:

  • Voice Transcription: Speak, Don't Type: Sometimes, it's easier to say it than write it. Record your thoughts, and PinMy will convert your voice notes into text, making feedback even quicker.
  • Precise Feedback: Detail Matters: Leave the ambiguity behind. Pin and comment with laser precision, ensuring that your point is unambiguous and actionable.
  • Streamlined Communication: Skip the Clutter: Bypass lengthy emails that often lead to misunderstandings. With PinMy, communicate directly on the image, ensuring your message is concise and clear.
  • Real-time Revisions: Seize the Moment: Implement feedback while it's still top-of-mind. PinMy facilitates prompt updates, ensuring that your visuals remain current and relevant.
  • Share Seamlessly: Collaborate Broadly: Distribute your pinned images effortlessly. Whether it's via email, SMS, Slack, or other platforms, keep everyone in the loop.
  • Organised Storage: All in One Place: No more scattered feedback across multiple platforms. With PinMy, consolidate all comments related to an image, streamlining collaboration and review.

Use Cases:

  • Design Review: PinMy allows designers to receive precise feedback on their visual designs, eliminating confusion and improving the overall design process.
  • Content Collaboration: Content creators can use PinMy to collaborate with their team members by pinning comments directly onto images, ensuring clear communication and efficient collaboration.
  • Project Management: PinMy simplifies project management by enabling stakeholders to provide feedback in real-time, making it easier to implement revisions and keep the project on track.

🎁 PinMy Lifetime Deal: $39

  • Store and manage up to 1,000 files (free delete and replace option)
  • Unlimited 'Shared with me' files
  • Benefit from unlimited pins and comments
  • 1,000 MB storage capacity
  • 180-seconds voice comment
  • Enjoy multi-language voice-to-text conversion at no additional cost