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Plantum Lifetime Deal, 🌱 AI Plant Identifier

Identify 15,000 plant species with Plantum AI app. Diagnose conditions & get personalized care advice. Lifetime deal available.

Plantum is an innovative app that can help you become a gardening expert with ease. Simply open the Plantum app on your iPhone or iPad, tap the Camera icon, and take a photo of a plant or choose one from your Photos. The app will then process the image and suggest the plant it recognizes. You can tap ""Learn more"" to get additional information or choose a different option. Taking care of plants has never been easier with Plantum, so why not start your journey to becoming a true nature expert today?

Major Highlights:

  • 4.6/5 stars on App Store with over 20 million downloads
  • Featured on iPhoneness as one of the ""7 Must See Plant Identification iPhone Apps""
  • Recognized by Well+Good as one of the ""5 Apps That Identify Your Plants and Help You Save Them From the Brink of Death""
  • Praised by Donna Moderna as one of the best apps for caring for indoor plants

Use Cases:

  • Easily identify plants with just a photo
  • Learn more about different plant species
  • Get expert advice on caring for your plants
  • Perfect for both beginner and experienced gardeners
  • Great tool for plant enthusiasts and nature lovers

🎁 Get the Plantum lifetime deal for $19.99 with a Premium Plan that includes lifetime access, redemption deadline within 30 days of purchase, access options on mobile devices, support for all devices of one Apple ID, and updates included. Minimum requirements include iOS 13 or higher and a working camera on your device. This offer is exclusively available to new users.