Lifetime Deals

PnaPna Lifetime Deal,

Track employee computer activity with ease using PnaPna Lifetime Deal. Monitor website and app usage to boost productivity and efficiency.

PnaPna is an innovative online tool that allows you to monitor and track your employees' activities remotely. With features like automatic screenshot capture, total working hours calculation, and real-time monitoring of computer activity, PnaPna provides valuable insights into employee performance and helps improve team efficiency.

Major Highlights:

  • Allows you to take screenshots automatically
  • Calculate total working hours
  • Monitor employee activities remotely
  • View open-screen windows (Applications)
  • Real-time monitoring of computer activity for remote teams
  • Track employee productivity through computer activity
  • Access real-time data on work hours for accurate payroll
  • Monitor computer activity to optimize workflows
  • Gain insights into employee performance
  • Improve team efficiency

Use Cases:

  • Track and monitor employee productivity
  • Ensure accurate payroll calculations
  • Optimize workflows for improved productivity
  • Gain insights into employee performance
  • Improve team efficiency

🎁 Get the PnaPna lifetime deal for $99.99 with features like unlimited users, teams, projects, tasks, computer activity tracking, custom rules to detect slacking employees, timesheet and attendance tracking, 250 GB file storage, time-lapse videos of work in progress, data export options, internal ticket support, and premium lite CRM.