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Podurama Lifetime Deal,

Access over 30 million podcasts with Podurama, the top podcast player. Organize episodes into folders and playlists effortlessly. Lifetime deal available.

Podurama is an online tool that allows users to search over 30+ million shows and episodes. With the use of an AI chatbot, users can ask for niche topics or recommendations. The tool also enables users to organize podcasts into folders, create multiple playlists, and utilize smart playlists, note-taking, and bookmarks. Podurama offers synchronization across mobile, web, and desktop apps, as well as support for CarPlay and Android Auto. Additionally, users have the ability to add their private audio files to the platform.

Major Highlights:

  • Search over 30+ million shows & episodes
  • AI chatbot for niche topics or recommendations
  • Organize podcasts into folders | Multiple playlists
  • Smart playlists, Note-taking, Bookmarks
  • Sync across mobile, web & desktop apps
  • CarPlay and Android Auto support
  • Ability to add private audio files
  • Play episode trailers before full episodes
  • Add own RSS feeds & personal audio files
  • Trim Silence & Volume boost features
  • AI-powered recommendations

Use Cases:

  • Discover new podcasts with AI recommendations
  • Organize podcasts efficiently with folders and playlists
  • Enhance listening experience with Trim Silence & Volume boost features
  • Easily access podcasts across different devices with synchronization

🎁 Get the Podurama lifetime deal for $39.99 with features such as no visual ads, unlimited playlists, tags, and bookmarks, unlimited trailers per day, multiple themes, personalized launch screen, personalized premium recommendations, and updates included. Limited to one device per user.