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PromptsGenii Lifetime Deal,

PromptsGenii: Simplify AI art generation with your personal art assistant. Enhance creativity, explore filters, and turn imagination into reality.

PromptsGenii is an AI prompt generator designed to streamline the creative process for digital artists, graphic designers, content creators, and more. It bridges the gap between your abstract ideas and the final artwork, ensuring precision and flair in every piece. With its intuitive visual cues and expertly crafted prompts, PromptsGenii allows you to transform your imagination into stunning AI art.

Major Highlights:

  • Browser extension: PromptsGenii offers a browser extension that seamlessly integrates with popular AI art generator platforms such as Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Bing Create, and more.
  • Visual Filters: Explore a wide array of visual filters, including Architecture, Artists, Compositions, Styles, and many more. Tailor your prompts to your artistic vision with just a few clicks.
  • Extensive Image Library: PromptsGenii's image library offers a vast collection of art styles, from classics to modern art. Each style comes with a visual guide to help you decide, making it easy to find the perfect prompt for your vision.
  • Customization Options: Craft the perfect prompt with PromptsGenii's suite of settings. Choose your aspect ratio, exclude specific elements with negative prompts, and fine-tune the tiniest details to ensure your AI-generated art matches your exact specifications.

Use Cases:

  • Boost your AI art creativity.
  • Save time in the creative process.
  • Create visually captivating masterpieces.
  • Suitable for professional artists, hobbyists, marketers, and educators.
  • Seamless integration, powerful filters, and extensive library cater to a wide range of creative fields.

🎁 Available Offer:

  • Get the PromptsGenii lifetime deal for $39 with the following features:

    • 1 device
    • Unlimited access to Visual Filters
    • Unlimited prompt engineering
    • Digital Magazine access (Coming Soon)
    • Prompts Library access (Coming Soon)
    • Browser extension: Chromium, Firefox (coming soon)
    • Keywords with visual clues and filters
    • Advanced prompt parameters (aspect ratio, negative terms, etc)
    • Generation History Logs with CSV download
  • Get the PromptsGenii lifetime deal for $89 with everything above for 5 devices.

  • Get the PromptsGenii lifetime deal for $199 with everything above for 20 devices.