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Propovoice CRM Annual Deal, ✦ Best Client Management System on WordPress

Propovoice CRM: Best WordPress client management system. Simplify lead management, project proposals, client onboarding. Enhance collaboration, ensure prompt invoicing.

Revamp the way you manage your service selling lifecycle with Propovoice CRM. This game-changing solution simplifies lead management, project proposals, and client onboarding, ensuring efficiency and success for your business. By leveraging the power of Propovoice CRM, businesses can optimize every step of their service selling lifecycle. From the initial lead management through a dynamic sales pipeline to the easy creation and delivery of project proposals, this tool streamlines the entire process. It also facilitates collaboration during project execution, ensures prompt invoice generation for timely payments, and promotes growth and success.

Major Highlights:

  • Lead Management: Simplify lead management through a dynamic sales pipeline
  • Project Proposals: Effortlessly create and deliver professional project proposals
  • Client Onboarding: Streamline client onboarding with a dedicated portal
  • Invoice Generation: Ensure prompt invoice generation for timely payments
  • Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration with clients and teams
  • Efficiency Optimization: Optimize every step of the service selling lifecycle

Use Cases:

  • Ideal for businesses looking to streamline their lead management process
  • Perfect for showcasing services through professional project proposals
  • Great for enhancing collaboration and communication during project execution

Deal Pricing:

  • Freelancer Plan: $79 per year
  • Agency Plan: $149 per year
  • Enterprise Plan: $399 per year

Included Features for Each Deal:

  • Freelancer Plan: 1 Domain, Project Inquiry Management, Unlimited Sales Management, and more
  • Agency Plan: 10 Domains, Team Onboard (Unlimited), Lead Sourcing From External Site, and more
  • Enterprise Plan: 50 Domains, all features included in Agency Plan, plus additional benefits.