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Publytics Lifetime Deal, 📊 Google Analytics Alternative For Publishers

Publytics: The Ultimate Google Analytics Alternative for Web Publishers. Real-time metrics, intuitive layout, multisite tracking, GA3/GA4 data import, GDPR Compliant & cookieless. Get the Publytics Lifetime Deal now!

Publytics is an online tool that offers a range of benefits for website analytics. With a focus on security, Publytics ensures GDPR, CCPA, and PECR compliance without the use of cookies. Its hosting in Europe adds an extra layer of security.

One of the major highlights of Publytics is its ability to seamlessly import legacy GA3 and GA4 data, ensuring continuity of historical insights. The tool also provides accurate real-time metrics, offering non-sampled data for detailed and precise analyses.

For editorial teams, Publytics offers pre-made reports and filters that make it easy to discover top-performing authors and categories. The tool's lightweight integration is another advantage, with a script 45X lighter than Google's, eliminating the need for a developer.

Publytics also offers ultimate flexibility, allowing users to customize reports and surface the insights they need. Additionally, it provides multiple user access for comprehensive control.

One useful feature of Publytics is its UTM Campaign Builder, which allows users to effortlessly track and optimize their marketing campaigns. This intuitive tool simplifies the process and helps improve campaign performance.

Now let's move on to the use cases for Publytics:

  • Tracking and analyzing website traffic and user behavior
  • Identifying top-performing authors and categories for content optimization
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through UTM tracking
  • Customizing reports to surface specific insights for data-driven decision-making
  • Importing and maintaining historical data from legacy GA3 and GA4

Publytics is currently offering several lifetime deals. The Publytics lifetime deal is available for $49 and includes features such as 50,000 total pageviews per month, 6 months data retention, unlimited domains and users, premade reports and filters, UTM tracking reports, custom reports and events, network dashboard, and the ability to monitor your editorial team.

For those who require more pageviews and longer data retention, Publytics also offers tiered lifetime deals. The Tier 2 lifetime deal is available for $129 and includes 150,000 total pageviews per month and 12 months data retention. The Tier 3 lifetime deal is available for $229 and includes 300,000 total pageviews per month and 18 months data retention. The Tier 4 lifetime deal is available for $399 and includes 1,000,000 total pageviews per month and 24 months data retention. And finally, the Tier 5 lifetime deal is available for $549 and includes 3,000,000 total pageviews per month and 24 months data retention.

These lifetime deals provide excellent value for website owners and marketers looking to gain actionable insights from their data. With Publytics, users can unlock the power of analytics and make data-driven decisions to optimize their online presence.